Shipping Policy

Shipping policy is an important aspect of any successful online commerce. It gives any customer a guarantee of delivering a purchased item and fulfilling of all commitments between a seller and a customer.

Two options are offered to deliver the bought items. Both of these options are safe, and items are transported right to the address of a payee.

  • AirMail (up to 12 business days)
  • EMS (up to 7 business days)

The packages are well packed due to solid packing materials. We do not pack more than 60 pills into one package. In case of a big order, we pack pills into two packages. This way the pills are delivered, as we may say, safe and sound.

We offer the international shipping, and so the terms of shipping vary. Many factors may affect these terms: custom checkups, weather conditions, or holidays. So you should not worry if you have not got your package on time. Sometimes more time is needed.

If the package was not delivered within three weeks, feel free to inform us. We do not want you to suffer, and to solve it we offer a refund, or we may repeat the order and send it again for free. All packages are dispatched from India. Why India? We work directly with the pharmacy manufacturers, and in most cases their factories are located in India. It is cheaper to send the pills from the manufacturer.

The orders are processed and packed within 48 hours. Orders that have been paid are dispatched.

Order Status

Order status helps to know the exact stage of a customer’s order. This information is transparent and informs about any delays or issues.

All information is sent to an email address indicated during placing the order. Make sure to enter the correct email address. Or any visitor of our website may use a special field below to know the order status details.

Packages that are delivered by EMS are assigned a number for tracking the order. It is convenient to follow the package. Do not worry, the status of other orders will be also informed. Any customer will know the approximate date of the delivery.

In case of any questions, please, contact us. This information may be also found in email with the order status details.

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