Are your medicines in stock?

All products presented on our website are in stock. It means the pills are ready to be shipped from the manufacturer. In case of any shortage of medications, we inform a customer right away. We offer to wait for a restock for a couple of days.

How is my order processed?

When a visitor adds a product to a shopping cart and then confirms the order, our system starts processing it. All data we receive from our visitors is encrypted in accordance with the modern protocols of security, and so none will know this information.

How to pay for a placed order?

A customer will be referred to a billing page after the confirmation of the order. Our billing system is secured and does not share your bank details. Click on Pay and enter the number of your credit card. Then your bank will request a verification of the operation. Check your limits for the internet payment in your bank profile.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes. Visa, or Amex, or MasterCard are accepted.

There is a failure during the payment. What to do?

Make sure to have enough money on your bank account. Otherwise you should contact your bank representative.

What pills may I buy?

We offer licensed brand and also generic products. Anti-diabetic medications are available on this platform. Metformin, Januvia, and Rybelsus are widely used in the medical practice.

Are generic pills differ from brand ones?

The only difference is the name. The chemical composition of the generic products is compliant to the brand medicine. In other words – this is a substitute for expensive pills. The mechanism of the action is the same. Also, a shape of a generic pill may differ. The manufacturers of generic products must not break property of the brand products.

Why is the cost so cheap?

Our team cooperate with reliable pharmacy manufacturers, and so we have an ability to dispatch medical items from their factories. This way we save money on shipment and storage of the products (we do not lease warehouses). Our employees work remotely. We do not spend money on promotion. That is why consumer prices are cheaper than the prices on the pharmacy market.

Who may buy pills on your website?

We do not sell medical products to children. A buyer should be an adult person and have a bank account. We urge you to consult a medical provider before buying and taking any medications.

Is a prescription needed?

We do not request any medical prescriptions as we do not sell prohibited medications or medicines that should be strictly controlled.

What packing materials do you use?

We use solid packing materials that are approved for packing of provisions. Pills and capsules are packed in blisters. All medical products may be stored at room temperature, so that they will not be damaged during the transportation. The blisters are packed into envelopes.

How many pills may I order?

We do not have limitation on the number of the pills. But if the order consists of more than 60 pills, we divide it into two packages. It means we dispatch 30 pills in one envelope.

Do you offer an international delivery?

Yes. The pills are delivered to any country. See more details on Shipping Policy page.

How to cancel the order?

If the order is not confirmed and is not paid within 48 hours, it is automatically cancelled. But if the order is already paid, it cannot be annulled.

Is there a refund?

Yes, it is. A refund is possible if the package is not delivered within the specified time limit. In rare cases the refund is made when the received pills are broken, or the expiration date is expired.

Is order tracking possible?

Orders delivered by EMS have a tracking number. Due to this number it can be tracked. The approximate date of the delivery is indicated for all orders.

Why cannot I find the needed medicine on your website?

This website is devoted to diabetes pills. If you need other medications (not listed on this website), please let us know. We are planning to expand our services.

Is entered data confidential?

Yes, the data is properly protected. A customer confidentiality is one of our priorities. All entered data is encrypted. The protection system is constantly updated to provide steady security of personal data.

What to do if the pills are broken?

If the blister is damaged and the pills or capsules are crushed, we do not recommend to take the medicine. The broken pills may not give the needed effect or action (even though it is not proven). Please contact us if you have faced this situation. We will offer you a substitute and send you another pills for free. In any case, before taking any medicine ask your doctor about the proper dosage for your medical issue.

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